A 30 year old company based in Pune, India,

providing apparel and SWAG to various sectors.

With an in-house production facility to cater to custom apparel, we can provide an array of merchandise efficiently.

We are based in Pune, the Oxford of the East, also known for the manufacturing hub & IT Sector.

Currently catering to Asian region by shipping from Pune, India, for our American clients & Partners.


Our Mission

Our mission is to uplift brands and engage their ecosystem with purposeful merchandise.

With an in-house production facility simplifying the process for our customers to achieve their goals.


Our Culture

We promote women employment and keen grow smaller entrepreneurs giving them a chance to work and collaborate on projects with us.

Our Vision

Streamline Your Merchandise Customization from Yarn to Delivery, All Under One Roof.

Allowing you to create your own sustainable line of merchandise inline with your brand values and goals.